Outside The 48.com

They won't ship to Hawaii? They'll only FedEx to Alaska?
Well we have the solution

You get it to us | We mail to you


You need to register to send packages.

The problem

Many packages can ONLY be shipped within the continental United States. 

And if they will ship often they will only despatch using expensive UPS or FedEx carriers.

We have the solution

You get the package delivered to us and we send on your packages by US Postal service. What could be easier?

Once your package gets to Oregon we can usually despatch it on the same day and it sholuld be with you within three or four days.

The price

We pass most of the savings on to you. We charge you just 20% of the typical FedEx fee. 

So for example a one pound product sent via Fedex would typicallly cost you xxx from the mainland to Hawaii/Alaska but the cost to send the package to Oregon would be xxx and then Outside the 48 will charge you xx to forward it via USPS for just xxx.

So your total cost would be xx - a saving overall of 50%